I have been using agave nectar almost a year now and find it can easily sub for any other sweetener. You might be wondering what is Agave?  Agaves are large, spikey plants that resemble cactus or yuccas in both form and habitat, but they are actually similar to the Aloe Vera. Agaves thrive in the volcanic soils of Southern Mexico. Mostly I use for tea/coffee. It tastes like comparatively like honey though not identical. The good thing about this is that It doesn't crystalize like honey. I have used it to bake cookies and brownies with no difficulty and it tastes great. Since it is sweeter than sugar, I use less of it than I would sugar: 2/3 c. agave = 1 c. sugar. I am cutting down my sugar/sweets by using this natural and organic sugar substitute. It is said to be very low on the glycemic index and a good choice for Diabetics. Try it and you will love it!


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